We look forward to working with you

Whether your business is merging with another business locally, divesting a brand based in another country or acquiring a business on a different continent, our expert lawyers will assist you through every step of the process

We advise both national and multi-jurisdictional companies on numerous private equity and venture capital transactions dealing with all aspects throughout the funding lifecycle of a company


We ensure that clients take advantage of legal breaks and loopholes permitted by tax legislation in any jurisdiction, handle tax planning for clients, making sure they understand the financial ramifications of purchases

We help numerous investor companies to establish and do business in any jurisdiction across the globe. We assist such clients in forging and promoting a favorable investment climate.

We have experienced attorneys in real estate transactions, who ensure that the transaction is free from fraud and protection of money in a well written Agreement

We provide legal and Investment consultancy in Private Equity Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Hedge Funds, Debt Equity and Venture Capital for Large Scale Infrastructural Developments, Mergers and Acquisitions and Foreign Investments.

These large scale infrastructural projects with high stakes and massive dollar values are very risky and thus we take on such complex matters and provide legal and investment consultancy services focusing on the preparation, structuring and execution such in emerging economies.

BKCA is equipped to handle disputes arising out of matters of all relationships of a commercial nature, whether contractual or not, providing our clients with practical legal advice and solutions to commercial disputes.


We are very strong in litigation with trial and advocacy skills. Our law firm receives fresh and takes on continuing cases that require litigation. We frequently appear in all Courts of Judicature to prosecute or defend cases on time.