Real Estate Transactions

The Real Estate Industry has, for years been and continues to be one of the highest paying business ventures globally. Land Transactions also require that one gets a certificate of Title, removal of caveats and mortgages and so many other transactions associated with the Land registry. To avoid these threats and or meet your need, you need an experienced and trusted Attorney to guide you through the process of buying or selling land, house, buildings, malls etc. BKCA has experienced attorneys in real estate transactions, who ensure that the transaction is free from fraud and protection of money in a well written Agreement.

Our firm offers the following legal services in land law and real estate transactions;

  • Preparing letters of intent.
  • Preparing option agreements, purchase and sale agreements, deeds, assignments, affidavits, other documents required in connection with real estate closings.
  • Legal due diligence reviews of real estates & environmental matters.
  • Enforcement of contractual rights.
  • Assistance with obtaining construction permits.
  • Legal advice to public authorities & bidders in public tender proceedings.
  • Contract negotiations & contract drafting in particular for acquisition, financing, sale & for rent of commercial or residential premises.
  • Searching on the True Ownership of Land.
  • Preparing Land Sale Agreements.
  • Processing Land Transfers and Certificates of Titles.
  • Processing Special Certificates of Titles to replace lost ones.
  • Processing and Registering Letters of Administration on the Land Register.
  • Preparing Mortgages.
  • Registering and Removal of Caveats and Mortgages.
  • Processing Leases and Sub-Leases.
  • Preparing Variation of Leases Agreements.
  • Processing Conversion of Leases to Freehold Land.
  • Processing Conversion of Customary Land to Freehold Land.
  • Preparing License Agreements.
  • Preparing Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Preparing Construction and Development Agreements.
  • Collecting Rent on behalf of our Clients.
  • Preparing Tenancy Agreements.
  • Preparing Property Maintenance Agreements.
  • Preparing and registering Powers of Attorney.
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