Private Equity and Venture Capital

We advise both national and multi-jurisdictional companies on numerous private equity and venture capital transactions dealing with all aspects throughout the funding lifecycle of a company, from early-stage investments, subsequent funding rounds, bridge financing, venture debt and equity reorganization, as well as exits via trade sales, management buyouts, asset dispositions or IPOs. We work with very influential private equity investors and investment Banks in order to provide sound legal advice on all aspects of a deal.

As a firm, we possess abundance of energy and through this; we assist the private equity firms and individuals to negotiate the terms of cash contributions and investment. We make deals happen and keep clients in line with the law. When businesses are being bought or invested in, we structure and negotiate the acquisition and finance documents. We then close the transaction and establish the business and legal structure for the new company. When a private equity firm or individual wish to sell a company, we negotiate terms for the acquisition and advise on tax and disclosure.

For Investors

Our firm is a global firm that offers an extremely attractive opportunity for International corporations and Investors. BKCA can help you to locate the hidden opportunities that meets your investment path and interest. 

In order to become your business expansion force, please send us a non-exclusive mandate as well as your requirements for your target company for an Acquisition, Strategic partnership or Investment to: or contact us.

Please contact us now regarding any type of private equity funds or venture capital. We provide high quality Private Equity Investment or Venture Capital transactional and advisory services and aim to maximize client satisfaction. Involve us in your P.E and VC plans now and we make a good proposal on the Private Equity Investment or Venture Capital services you require.

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