Large scale Infrastructural Projects

These large scale infrastructural projects with high stakes and massive dollar values are very risky and thus we take on such complex matters and provide legal and investment consultancy services focusing on the preparation, structuring and execution such in emerging economies.

These projects include;

Public Private Partnership Projects, Renewable Energy Projects, Solar Power Plant Projects, Wind Power Plant Projects, Hydro Electric Power Projects, Nuclear Power Plant Projects, Crude Oil Refinery Projects, Oil & Gas Wells Projects, Offshore Oil Rigs, Pipeline Projects, Oil Storage Tanks Projects, Oil & Gas Terminal Projects, Gas Station & Petroleum Stations Projects, Mining Projects, Buying Aircraft’s, Aviation Industry Projects, Aerospace Industry Projects, Airport Projects, Railway Transportation Projects, Road Projects, Commercial Building Projects, Housing Development Projects, Smart City Projects, Hotel Projects, Resorts Projects, Man-Made Islands, Healthcare Projects, Industrial Factories Projects, Water Park Projects, Sports Projects, Financing Cinema Slate, Acquisitions, EPCF Projects, Brownfield & Greenfield Projects,  Most Mega Project Types.

Emerging economies are frequently the hungriest for infrastructural improvements which require very highly knowledgeable and skilled lawyers in all stages of the transaction. We advise clients on negotiating and drafting these contracts and other related agreements. We also make available our expertise with regulatory and compliance advice on purchases and sales, contracts between companies and users, public authority requirements and licensing.

We design and implement effective strategies for governments of developing nations to access strategic partners or access required capital to finance their large scale infrastructural needs. We have the capacity to partner with you in designing long-term national strategies to develop effective revenue sources, creating wealth, and providing an overall roadmap for sustainable and scalable economic growth.