Investment Advisory

BKCA helps numerous investor companies to establish and do business in any jurisdiction across the globe. We assist such clients in forging and promoting a favorable investment climate based on our global expertise and experience. We carry out a direct dialogue with the Chief Executives of Investor Companies with a focus on the crucial aspects of fostering a healthy investment platform.

Why Choose our Investment Advisory Services?

  • We save your time and travel costs and settle your business.
  • We sell prime and investment ready projects only.
  • We host focused agenda sessions only.
  • Our team is very Knowledgeable.
  • We manage selective invites.
  • Gain in-depth guidance on how to invest in Africa.

Company Incorporation and Business Registration

  • Reserving business and company names.
  • Foreign Company Registration including GBC’s.
  • Subsidiary Company Registration.
  • Branch Office Registration.
  • Representative Office Registration.
  • Private company registration.
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration.
  • Sole Proprietorship Registration.
  • Limited Liability Company Registration.
  • Preparing partnership deeds.
  • Preparing Memorandum and Articles of Association.>

Company Secretarial services

  • We take appointment as company secretaries.
  • Attend Board and general meetings.
  • Prepare, distribute and keep minutes of the meetings.
  • File returns and transfer of stock.
  • Prepare and register company resolutions.
  • Advice the Board and shareholders on legal matters.
  • Management of Shares.
  • Rule Reminders.
  • Handling Activities.
  • Maintenance of minute book and statutory register book.
  • Distributing company’s annual reports, interim statements, and accounts.
  • Preparing director’s report.
  • Reviewing developments in corporate governance and assisting the directors with respect to their duties and responsibilities.
  • As your nominee corporate secretarial service, we ensure safe custody and proper use of company seal.

Customized Investment Advice

We offer our Clients with Customized Investment Advice on strategic investment projects and opportunities available in Africa on request. These projects and opportunities are prime, sale and investment ready and well projected in terms of revenue and tax liability.

Meet the Expert Service

In addition, we offer Meet the Expert services which is a constructive conference format hosted by BKCA on regular basis. It brings on board industry experts and professionals with practical knowledge on industries in focus to interact with any client interested in investing in Africa. These experts aim to explore available investment opportunities in Africa and attract investors from across the globe to invest by giving them accurate data and advice on Africa.

In order to become your business expansion force, please send us a non-exclusive mandate as well as your requirements for your target company for an Acquisition, Strategic partnership or Investment to: or contact us.

We Look Forward To Working With You