How To Be Productive While Working From Home During Lockdown

How To Be Productive While Working From Home During Lockdown

Working From Home

To many, the idea of working from home sounded alien until a few months ago when the Coronavirus pandemic forced the world to go on lockdown. The reality of flipping open your laptop and getting on with work on your couch has intensified. Working at home while on lockdown obviously takes time getting used to; you have to firstly deal with the fact that you’ll be easily distracted since you’re in a more comfortable environment.

Now you may be wondering if it is possible to be productive while you work remotely and the answer is Yes! It takes some discipline to achieve this but it’s very attainable. Challenges, like staying motivated and focused, striking a balance between working and doing chores, are common but with a daily routine schedule, everything can be successfully done. 

If you’re struggling with delivering your work, here are very easy and simple ways to be more productive while at home.

Have the resources needed:

This is a no brainer. If you’re working from home, there are some boxes you need to tick to make this doable comfortably. Make sure you have the devices you need, load up on data bundles to stay online, have airtime to stay in touch.

Schedule your day:

We all know that jotting down your plans for the day, prioritizing what needs to be done goes a long way in helping you complete your tasks. When you wake up, list down your daily tasks, starting with the most urgent ones. This helps you track your progress and keeps you organized. Structure your day like you ordinarily would. 

Pretend you’re at your work desk:

This is important because you need to reset your brain from a relaxed environment to a place where you can get concentration. Automatically, you’ll adjust and get work done. When you have your to-do list by your side like you normally would at work, this comes easy.

Touch base with your employers and team: 

Have regular meetings with your team to touch base on what needs to be done. Send updates every now and then to keep track of your tasks and those of your team. There is no other way you’ll get your house in order if you do not initiate it. To make this work smoothly, use online platforms that are available to you like WhatsApp, emails and conferencing platforms like Zoom or Skype to inform and stay informed.

If your team is slacking, the best thing you can do is find a way to motivate them like sharing this article with them.

Avoid distractions, look for inspiration:

Distractions are inevitable and it is easy to get swooped right under that york. You need to remind yourself that you have to work and get things done. Most people struggle with shaking off distractions and that’s normal. When you feel unfocused, find inspiration to get you back on track. Should something happen that is out of your control, figure out a way to make up for the hours lost. 

Take a break: 

Take breaks in between your work to refuel your energy if you need to and quickly get back to work when the break is done. Whatever you decide on doing should also not distract you from your goal. After you’ve shut down for the day, do something you love doing like reading a book, catching up with friends to keep you sane.

Rest is paramount. Don’t break yourself because you need to deliver. Follow your usual “working hours” routine and you’ll actually get to achieve more than you think you would. 

Beat the funk: 

The feeling of isolation, panic, loneliness, and stress presents itself strong when you have to quarantine. This is normal but to get out of the funk, you need to talk to your people often. Reach out whichever way you possibly can. Stay away from things that’ll cause more stress. The internet can be crazy with so many fake news going about but it’s also a treasure trove for content that keeps you entertained.

Have fun:

Because you’re working alone, you have the luxury to dictate a lot of things without your boss or supervisor looking over your shoulder and breathing down your neck. You can have music blaring in the background as you work. This reduces stress and pressure however, you need to be wise about this. Be disciplined, stick to your schedule but don’t forget that a little fun has never hurt anyone.

Working remotely is an attainable practice that sometimes, you are “wowed” at what you can be able to do by just following your schedule. 

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