Cross-Border & International Legal Services

Map of Asia; Africa - Asia Business Relations With Africa – Asia Business Relations, BKCA has built and continues to build networks and partnerships with several large sized companies, private investors, high net-worth individuals, families, funds and investment firms.  Asian countries like China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, Indonesia, Japan and India who have a vested interest in investing and /or doing business in Africa. We advise those networks and partners on; how, when and where to successfully invest in Africa and the risks involved. On the other hand, through our consultancy services, trainings and programs, we help in scaling up existing companies to a new level of growth that attracts investment portfolios from Asia. As part of our Africa – Asia business relations, we advise on any form of investment that you will find attractive and beneficial to your business.


In order to become your business expansion between Africa and Asia, please send us a non-exclusive mandate as well as your requirements for your target company for an Acquisition, Strategic partnership or Investment to: or contact us.