Banking, Finance & Innovation

Our law firm is fully equipped with the requisite technical skills to advise you on how to set up Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Forex Bureaus, Development Banks, Microfinance Finance Institutions, Insurance companies, and Credit Institutions.

We further advice you on how to obtain large amounts of financial capital to grow your businesses.

We deal with straightforward bank lending, acquisition finance, real estate finance, project finance, asset finance, Islamic finance, financial services regulation among others.

We work hand in hand through commercial borrowing transactions, mortgage financing and business financing, the stock and bond market transactions. Our firm often meets with clients to establish their specific requirements and the commercial context of a deal, carry out due diligence, negotiate with the opposite party to agree the terms of the deal and record them accurately in the facility documentation, assist with the structuring of complicated or ground-breaking financing models and ensure innovative solutions comply with all relevant laws, gather all parties to complete the transaction, ensuring all agreed terms are reflected in the loan and that all documents have been properly signed and witnessed, and finalize all post-completion registrations and procedures.

Depending on which side you are in, our services are tailored to provide you with adequate protection when taking such risks.

We Look Forward To Working With You